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This project

The Living Stories website has been created as part of the Haemophilia and HIV Life History project; a collection of over 60 interviews.

This website uses edited audio extracts, focuses on the life histories of some of our interviewees and presents key themes that emerge from the interviews.

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The haemophilia and HIV life history project

In 1985, 1246 people with haemophilia in the UK were diagnosed with HIV. Of these, over 800 people have died. There are extraordinary stories to tell from the individuals and families affected.

The Haemophilia and HIV Life History collection is a series of in-depth life history interviews with over 60 people. By recording these interviews, the project aimed to:

  1. Enable those personally affected to contribute to the history of HIV in UK
  2. Create an archive for future generations
  3. Improve understanding and raise awareness

The Haemophilia and HIV Life History project was undertaken in 2003-7.

Access to the complete interviews

The full set of interviews recorded by the Haemophilia and HIV Life History project are stored at the British Library Sound Archive.

Summaries of the interviews can be accessed from the British Library on-line catalogue.

The entire interviews can be heard, in accordance with the expressed wishes of participants, at the British Library Sound Archive at Kings Cross in London.

Acknowledgements and sponsors

Many thanks are due to the people who told their life histories for this project and participated so willingly.

The Haemophilia and HIV Life History research team consisted of Sian Edwards, Robert James, Melanie Ottewill, Wendy Rickard and Krista Woodley.

The project was financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund and based at the University of Brighton.

The Living Stories website was designed and created by Community Sites.