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People described the different treatments: for haemophilia and for HIV. This included the benefits and initial delight when factor VIII was introduced.

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Carol G: Wife of Pete who died as an adult.

But Pete had also made a decision that he didn't really want treatment, in fact he never had HIV treatment, ever.

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Diana: Mother of Stuart, who died as a young adult.

I was absolutely petrified initially. I was nervous, there was no doubt about it, I was really nervous. I absolutely dreaded putting the needle in. And for the first few times I can remember, if it was during the day, I had a nurse friend over the road, and she would just come and be with me, so that I'd got somebody with me while I did it. It was something that if I could have downed a bottle of sherry halfway through preparing it, I would have done. And then eventually, you just get on with it.

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Emma: Mother of John.

My mother used to pay sixpence a week to the doctor when we were young, to cover her, to cover fees. It cost, it cost her sixpence a week, long before the National Health, to cover for, for visits to the doctor.

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Ian and Jean: Parents of Peter who died as a young adult.

IAN: It was just then, you knew what it was and you knew what to do, you just phoned up the hospital and you'd follow up in the car and might be an hour or two before you got back but you got back and life continued, didn't it?

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Jan and Mel: Parents of Luke who died as a young adult.

MEL: I remember his first year at Cub camp. They were camping locally, so we used to go down and we used to drag him out of his tent early in the morning. He was obviously up and we'd take him round the back and give him his injection, and then he would go off again.